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We are focusing on special services like Housing and reconstruction activities, Educational and carried building, Agriculture and allied activities, Small business and self-income generation activities, Personal requirements and medical emergencies and Transportation and purchase of vehicle

Housing and reconstruction activities

A bright future for the nation depends on the health and prosperity of rural India. Nothing beats the joy of having your own home, which is why we help you find the perfect one. We aim to provide housing for the weaker sections of society, lower income group people, urban poor, and rural poor for a better livelihood and standard of living we provide financial assistance for renovation and construction of the houses also.

Educational and carried building

For sustainable growth of our soceity and economy we live in today education plays a private role of develoment. We require education and career building at every part of soceity. We others financial assistance for the children of lower income group.

Agriculture and allied activities

The agriculture sector plays a major role not only in the economy of our country but also in providing livehoods to millions of peoples. Investmant in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty and they have made life better of all of us. We support the farmer by way of providing financial assistace for seasonal crop production and farming. Grama Dhansree Bharath Foundation is an initiative which provides financial assistance to lower income groups of farmers to agriculture and related activities.

Small business and self-income generation activities

Development of small scale business is the key to bettering the income source and self sufficiency of lower income group. A helping hand is required in this part for bettering their future. Financial assistance is given in the form of JLG and SHG for empowering women dream by setting up a business of their own

Personal requirements and medical emergencies

When an unpredicatable situation happens to the lower income generation group, there they require a helping hand to tackle the situation. A financial assistance with immediate effect is required for timely completion of the self emergency needs. We are here with a helping hand as and when it is required the most.

Transportation and purchase of vehicle

For acquiring the basic transportation and travel needs and as an income generation source now a day’s vehicle is making a major part. Many of the less income generation groups of people are using vehicle as a means of livelihood. To support them in making a way of income generation, we provide financial assistance.

We provide all types of loan also

Gold Loan

To get emergency loans apply for Gold Loan

Personal Loan

To fulfill your personal needs you can apply for personal loan with us

Group Mahila Loan

Group of five ladies can apply for Mahila Loan

Vehicle Loan

For purchasing any two wheelers, three wheelers and four wheeler vehciles, we are providing vehicle loan

Business Loan

Do you have better idea to start business in kerala ?. Then you can come to us for business loan

Agricultural Loan

Supporting farmers are our key area of service. Agricultural Loans can , help them to increase productivity

Education Loan

To get assistance in higher education apply for education loan on our branches

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